Pine Island Road Kill
Slider, Read Eared
This was a tough shot to take. This Red Eared Slider is a freshwater turtle. This particular turtle was a female was probably looking for a good place to lay her eggs. Unfortunatly she never got there. This turtle, standing on it's forelegs, is still alive as the picture was taken,
her eggs dribbling out of her exposed inards.

I overheard a resident once say "someone stopped traffic at the center just to let a stinkin turtle walk across the road. Imagine stopping traffic just for a damned turtle." I immediatley turned to the man and let him know that I thought that was a wonderful thing and I wish everyone did it.

The interesting thing was, this was a man I like in many other respects. He cares about people and in general seems to do the right thing.

It's up to those who care to offer a different perspective to those who don't.
Help us promote caring, conservation minded thinking on Pine Island.
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