Road Kill of Pine Island
These are pictures of animals that were hit by cars on Pine Island Rd. & Stringfellow Rd., the two main roads that get you on and off of our Pine Island. The people who live here know these pictures all to well.

We have a wonderful abundance of wildlife on our small island. As usual, when people and animals meet, it's the animals who loose their habitat. The people who came and lived here because of the wildlife will soon be ripping out the brush, palmettos and pine trees that these animals call home and planting sterile lawns for their own enjoyment in return. They'll be complaining about bird excrement on their docks and boats, killing snakes that enter their yards, capturing racoons and opossums on their property and killing them or transporting them elsewhere for fear of their being rabid.

This is the kind of thing I see and hear all the time as a resident of Pine Island and since the animals can't beg their case PineIsland.Net will do their best to do it for them.

Please do not get the impression that everyone on Pine Island doesn't care. Fortunately, most Pine Islanders do care, unfortunately, many do not.
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Vulture, Turkey
Cataloged: 0001
. Otter, River
Cataloged: 0002
Our area wildlife have been complaining about the number of their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers our residents and tourists kill on our Pine Island roads every single day.

So hear are a few things we, (the wildlife) would like you to do when you are on our Pine Island roads.

Armadillo, Banded
Cataloged: 0003
. Opossum
Cataloged: 0004
It is easy to see a dead animal from the distance of your car with the windows up as you pass by it at 55 MPH and to cringe a little and then get over it. We, (the wildlife) don't want you to get over it. We want you to do something about it. The vast majority of us are hit at night.

Heron, Great Blue
Cataloged: 0005
. Racoon
Cataloged: 0006
We are drinking from the ditches along the side of the road and eating the frogs and snakes that congregate there. Sometimes we are eating the food that you yourself threw out your car windows. The headlights of your cars are blinding to us and we do not understand their consequences.

Rattlesnake, Eastern Diamondback
Cataloged: 0007
. Turtle, Red Eared Slider
Cataloged: 0008
So please take at least the following steps when driving at night to reduce the senseless slaughter on our roads.

  • Turn on your High-Beams
  • Do not drive faster than a speed you can expect to reasonably react to
  • Keep a sharp eye on the far off distance for the reflection of our eyes. We have mirrors in our eyes to capture light well at night. Those mirrors are easy to spot. Don't assume they are a road reflector. Assume they are one of us.
  • Expect us to run out of the drain ditches along the road side where we drink and hunt at night.
  • React - Don't hesitate. Avoid us as though our life is valuable and not meaningless.
  • When you swerve to avoid us, the car behind you doesn't see us until it is too late. Do not swerve around us only to have the car behind you kill us. Stop your car, flag the cars behind you to stop and protect us as though we were one of your own.
We understand that despite your best efforts there will be accidents. But we believe you can prevent many of these accidents by following our advice. Try it.

PineIsland.Net will be adding to this list and adding enlargements that'll continue to give you an up close and personal perspective.

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